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How Can I Help a Dyslexic Student?


During my time as a teacher, I have found that one of the times a parent feels most helpless is when their child is found to have dyslexia. ‘How can I help?’ is a question which I have been asked …

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The New Primary Curriculum: A Parent’s Guide


A lot has been said and written about Michael Gove‘s policies and methods during his time as Education Secretary: he was backward looking… he was our only hope if we wanted to raise standards… he was too ‘Victorian’… he looked …

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Poem of the Month: To Autumn by John Keats


We’ve had a couple of months break from Poem of the Month – shame on me – but I am at least reviving it in that most poetic of seasons: the autumn. As I am writing this post on the …

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So You Want To… Work in Finance


I always love researching the ‘So You Want To Be A….’ column as other people’s jobs are so fascinating. . So far, we’ve met a surgeon, a barrister and a television production manager – all of whom offered a great …

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Alice In Wonderland – An Illustrator’s Dream

Alice Helen

It’s well over 100 years since Lewis Carroll first penned his famous book, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, but it continues to inspire generation after generation. I didn’t love the book as a child; it frightened me, to be honest: a …

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The 11 Plus – Some Thoughts…


Ah, the 11 Plus. It’s that time of year again. . . As a teacher, when I have mentioned the 11 Plus to non-teaching friends, many have expressed surprise that it still exists. But it does, as I expect most …

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Cooking with Little People: 5 Fun Ideas

messy fondue

Isn’t this weather disappointing? I’m writing this from Salisbury, not the Torchlight office. But I assume that the weather in London is as bad. Relentless rain, followed by overcast mugginess. Not the breezy, blousy end to the summer holidays that …

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